Diploma in Ayurveda Cosmetic Product Manufacturing



Aika cosmetic syllabus

This program is for?

  • Those who aspire to start their own product line
  • Those who have already started a product line but need to polish up knowledge in Ayurveda beauty product manufacturing
  • Medical Students
  • Pharmacist / Pharmacy Students
  • Entrepreneurs

Certificate also will be validated by Osethma College of Traditional Ayurveda which is approved by Education and Hospital Board, Department of Ayurveda, Srilanka.

Contents – Diploma in Ayurvedic Cosmetics Product Manufacturing
    Introduction to Ayurveda Cosmetics
  Skin types Skin types according to Western concepts and  Ayurvedic concepts
  Skin Anatomy & Physiology
  Study natural skincare ingredients and principles of formulating
  Ayurveda Herbs
    Cosmeceuticals Types and Classification
    Health, Safety and Best Practice
  Equipment for cosmetic Lab
  Types of Cosmetic Formula
1,2 Body Care Herbal Body Butter, Herbal Body Creams Making
3,4 Herbal Body Scrub and Herbal Body Polisher
5,6,7 Natural Moisturizer, Body Lotions and Aqua Lotion Making
8 Natural Sunscreen Making
9 Skin Care Natural Gel Making
10 Herbal Body Wash Making
11 Eye Care Ayurvedic Eye Care Products Making
12 Face Care Ayurvedic Dry Face Packs Making
13 Ayurvedic Wet Face Packs Making
14,15 Face Serum, Face Oil
16 Herbal Face Wash
17-20 Lip Care Ayurvedic Lip Care Products Making

Lipstick, Lip Balm, Lip Gloss and Lip Scrub

21,22 Hair Care Herbal Hair Shampoo and Hair Conditioners Making
23,24 Herbal Hair Oil and Hair Serum Making
25-30 Baby Care Herbal Baby Cosmetic Products Making

Baby shampoo, Baby lotion, Baby powder

Baby cream, Baby butter. Baby wash

31 Soap Tech Soap Base Making – 10 types of Soap Bases
32 Soap Making – Melt & Pour Method – 20 types
33 Soap Making – Cold Process
  Soap making without lye
  Soap Niche – African Black Soap, Goat Milk Soap, Oudh (Agarwood) Soap, etc
34 Henna Ayurvedic Henna mixology
35   Cosmetic Regulations (SLS,NMRA and Ayurveda) and Registration process
36   Labeling and Packaging
37   How to Sterilize a product container?
38   Stability test and pH analyzing
39   Organic Certification
  Bonus Ebay Selling
    Payoneer – Online Payment gateway
    Cosmetic Ingredients Supplier List (Local and International)
    Beauty Business Branding
    Beauty Business Marketing (Online/Offline) Marketing




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