Diploma in Ayurvedic Cosmetic Product Manufacturing



Ayurvedic Face Packs Making

Face pack formulation for various types of skin

  • Ingredients used in face packs
  • Knowledge of various face packs available in the market
  • Understanding of primary material used in face packs
  • Formulating a basic face pack
  • Properties of the face packs
  • Selection of Face Pack & Mask as per skin demand


Liquid Face Packs

  • Mud Face Pack
  • Radiance Glow Face Pack
  • Haldi-Chandan face pack
  • Neem-Tulsi Face pack
  • Nourishing Face pack
  • Anti-aging Face pack
  • All-purpose Face pack
  • Fruit Face pack
  • D-tan Face pack
  • Bridal Glow Face Pack

Herbal powder Face Packs

  • Normal skin face pack
  • Dry skin face pack
  • Oily skin face pack
  • Acne skin face pack
  • Neem Tulsi face packs
  • Clay face pack
  • Orange Peel-off face pack
  • Charcoal peel of face pack


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